CCH tax software

Tax is a process and, like any process, there are opportunities to make it more efficient.

Take personal tax as an example. Think of all the steps that you and your staff have to go through, from receiving a carrier bag full of unsorted information to submitting a return that's been approved by your client. Without the right systems, it can be a hard slog.

CCH tax software makes this kind of complex process simpler and easier.

It starts with the individual CCH tax applications, like our renowned CCH Personal Tax and the innovative CCH Autofill. These are designed to make each and every step in the process easier, faster and more reliable. But that's just the start.

Through the CCH ProSystem Suite, you also get access to a range of integrated tools, optional modules and additional applications that combine to streamline your entire tax department - from data collection to online submission and from resource planning to deadline management.

Better for you. Better for your staff. Better for your clients.