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CCH iXBRL Review & Tag allows you to quickly and easily add iXBRL tags to accounts created in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format. If your clients supply accounts in these formats, CCH iXBRL Review & Tag software avoids the need to re-type data into your own accounts production system.

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How this software can help your practice

  • Simple to use – iXBRL tags are automatically applied to figures in columns. Tags can be added manually, reviewed and changed simply by dragging from the hierarchical list of tags and dropping onto the appropriate paragraph, word, number or date. CCH iXBRL Review & Tag requires very little training, so you can be up and running almost immediately.
  • Comprehensive – Supports all published taxonomies, including UK GAAP and IFRS. You can also load sector-specific taxonomies and extensions, for example for banking, insurance and charities. CCH iXBRL Review & Tag displays either the full list of tags or HMRC’s simplified ‘minimum tagging list’.
  • Reliable – To reduce the possibility of filing errors, the Verify iXBRL function checks the technical validity of tags and how they’ve been applied. The Exception pane lists key tags that are missing or incorrect.
  • Keep existing procedures – Clients can carry on providing accounts in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, using the internal systems they’re already familiar with.
  • Flexible – The CCH iXBRL Review & Tag software produces a standard iXBRL accounts file that can be filed online using CCH Corporation Tax or third-party software, including HMRC’s own free system, so you’re not tied to a particular supplier.
  • Secure – No need to send client accounts data to a third party for processing.

CCH iXBRL Review & Tag Online Filing module

Online filing to Companies House

CCH iXBRL Review & Tag has an optional module that allows you to file iXBRL accounts direct with Companies House. With this module you can file UK GAAP accounts simply by selecting the Submit Accounts option.

The system maintains a submission database recording the full details of the filing, including the member of staff who filed the accounts, the response received from Companies House and a copy of the iXBRL accounts that were filed.

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  • As time goes on, Saffery Champness increasingly appreciate the benefits of using CCH iXBRL solutions. "We’re very impressed with what the CCH software can do. What really stands out is the superior presentation of the tagged accounts..."
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  • Pilkington, a world leader in glass technology, needed an efficient and reliable way of tagging over 50 statutory accounts. "The review facilities in CCH iXBRL Review & Tag really impressed us... Obviously a lot of thought has gone into the design."
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  • Rathbones is a FTSE250 company whose group accounts run to about 140 pages, a fact which influenced their choice of iXBRL software. "Whatever system we chose had to be sufficiently robust to deal with the very large sets of accounts that we were producing. The CCH iXBRL Review & Tag software fitted the bill in all respects."
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