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CCH Practice Management software allows partners and managers to plan ahead, assigning work to avoid bottlenecks and meet deadlines. Graphical interfaces and simple data entry options help staff to capture maximum chargeable time and give them quick and easy access to all the information they need to perform their work.

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How this software can help your practice

  • Capture chargeable time – Encourage staff to keep their timesheets accurate and up to date with a range of data entry options for mobile users and synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook. Monitor timesheet completion with CCH KPI Alerts software.
  • Control WIP – CCH Practice Management software combines a graphical display of WIP with instant drill-down to the underlying data. Identify and deal with unbilled WIP before it becomes entrenched.
    Deal with unbilled WIP – Watch video
  • Bill approval – Bills awaiting approval can appear as workflow items, helping to improve cash flow and practice profitability. Bill templates are maintained using Microsoft Word, so you have full control over formatting and layout.
  • Credit control – The credit control dashboards give direct access to information about debtors, with single-click drill-down to the underlying data and a full billing history. Spot issues before they become problems.
    Manage late and reluctant payers – Watch video
  • Practice visibility – Use the CCH Report Writer software to produce charts and graphs showing recovery, chargeability, budgeted time versus actual and much more, all with a simple drag and drop interface.
    Easy report writing – Watch video
  • Manage workflow – The workflow system makes it easy to allocate staff to client work according to their individual skills and the requirements of each job. Its wall chart-style planner shows at a glance where staff are working and what they’re doing so you can avoid unexpected job overruns and unnecessary overtime.
  • CCH Practice Management software is part of the CCH suite of software products which share data through CCH Central, making it possible for you to report, access and use practice management, tax and accounting information across the entire practice.

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    • As the sole practitioner at Stanley Woods & Co, William McAdam appreciates the way in which CCH Practice Management gives better insight into his practice. "The 'home pages' help me keep track of what’s happening… I can keep an eye on WIP, debtors, what people are working on and how long they’ve spent on each job."
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    • As Simmons Gainsford have discovered, good design and useful features can bring big benefits. "With CCH Practice Management, appointments entered in Microsoft Outlook can be turned directly into timesheet entries which means that the information only has to be entered once..."
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    • Rouse Partners use CCH technology to systemise and automate compliance processes. "We have been very successful at managing our recoveries by using technology - for example by using it to help us understand which jobs are profitable and which aren't, and by tracking WIP 'creep'."
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