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The insolvency industry is experiencing its most dramatic upheaval since the 1986 Insolvency Act. The banking crisis, market uncertainty and a prolonged downturn have all contributed to unprecedented growth in demand for insolvency services.

At the same time, new regulatory requirements, extra paperwork and the need for transparency not only mean more work, they also mean more risk.

CCH Insolvency helps insolvency practitioners deal with the administration of personal and corporate cases, both trading and non-trading, for enhanced compliance and efficiency gains.

  • Fully integrated financial accounting – A flexible general ledger puts effortless and accurate financial accounting at the heart of your insolvency practice. Every figure relevant to a case – from initial valuation to final realisation – is instantly available.
  • Document management – Just drag and drop documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and emails straight into a job. Full text searching makes them easy to find and instantly accessible. Document and letter templates are managed centrally so you can maintain a consistent corporate image and approach. These customisable ‘letter packs’ mean that several letters can be mail merged in one operation and integration with Microsoft Outlook allows mail merged documents to be sent by email.
  • Managing and assigning work – An integrated task management system allows partners and managers to allocate tasks and check outstanding work across all jobs. Employee workloads can be closely managed so that key milestones and statutory deadlines are always met. Documentation can be linked to tasks so that statutory paperwork produced outside the system can still be controlled and managed.
  • Tracking and managing assets – Detailed information, including linking contracts, file notes, agent valuations and even photographs, can be stored for each asset. You can record going concern and forced sale values for each asset and easily compare realised and SOA values.
  • Efficient design – CCH Insolvency uses a full Microsoft SQL database and a central database design that simplifies deployment and ongoing administration. Its optimised design reduces network loads and enables the software to run efficiently in multi-office and multi-user environments.
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