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GAAR: when you have to be right


Advisers must either shut down their tax planning departments or ensure their advice is always on the right side of the law, says Virginia Hickley

Virginia Hickley

Pension freedom: reform of defined contribution schemes


Reform of defined contribution pensions and removal of compulsory annuity purchases raise tax issues in the run-up to retirement, says Roy Thompson

Roy Thompson

R&D: voluntary disclosure


Under IFRS, companies do not have to itemise research and development expenses, but, increasingly, the big spenders are revealing more detail in annual reports, says David Stein

David Stein

Preparing accounts for LLPs - common pitfalls to avoid


Julia Penny FCA, accounting and audit Content Manager at CCH, outlines 5 common pitfalls with LLP accounts.

Julia Penny FCA, Content Manager Audit and Accounting

FTSE 250 auditors survey: winds of change


European and UK regulatory pressure is shaking up listed companies as they are forced to retender their audits, reports Philip Smith

Philip Smith

Auditing greenhouse gas emissions


It's time auditors questioned the content of greenhouse gas statements, argues Gin Chong

Gin Chong

Economic trends: boxed in


Microeconomic reforms and radical pension reform makes the last Budget a measured economic success, argues Andrew Goodwin, senior economist at Oxford Economics.

Andrew Goodwin

CCH Portal - TaxAssist case study


Since installing CCH Portal in the Oxford office of TaxAssist Accountants, part of the UK's largest network of accountants, David Lushington has enjoyed a number of benefits including speed, efficiency and the ability to differentiate himself from his competitors.