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Working together, working smarter

In a fiercely competitive environment, doing the same as everyone else isn't enough. That's why CCH Software is designed to be fundamentally different, offering more innovation, increased automation and extra opportunities for you to work with your clients.

We call it working together, working smarter.

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We've been providing software to tax and accounting professionals for more than 30 years. Today, firms of all sizes - from sole practitioners to most of the top 100 UK accounting practices and many FTSE 350 firms - trust CCH Software to give them a decisive competitive advantage.


CCH Software offers new ways to use and share client data and a browser-style interface that makes report writing and data mining simple for non-technical staff. We innovate across our entire range of software - for example CCH Auto, which extracts information from printed and PDF documents, was recently shortlisted for Best Technological Innovation in the annual Taxation Magazine awards. CCH was the only software vendor nominated in this category


Automate an activity and you not only make it more efficient, you also remove errors and reduce risk. But effective automation means allowing you to capture your way of doing things, not forcing you to follow ours. We never forget that.

"The CCH KPI Alerts system is like getting a gentle reminder about all the things you know you should be doing! CCH KPI Alerts helps make sure that the day to day stuff gets done with as little fuss as possible, so we can get on with more important things." CK Accountants


The closer you get to your clients, the better you understand their business and the greater the chances that they'll keep coming back to you for help and advice. Whether it's collecting information, reviewing a tax return or working together on the latest budgets, we find countless ways to encourage the kind of collaboration that really makes a difference.

"The more we use CCH Document Management, the more we find out about it's capabilities. The next step will be enabling the CCH Client Portal so that we can exchange documents securely with our clients." Clifford Roberts

Growing your business

Through innovation, automation and collaboration, we create opportunities for you to grow your business by helping your clients to grow theirs. That's what motivates us to keep developing software, to keep seeking out challenges and to keep looking for new ways to work together, work smarter.

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