CCH accounting software

Preparing statutory accounts and financial statements is a core activity for most professional accountants. Compliance is obviously the starting point and CCH software makes the production of final accounts as quick, efficient and reliable as possible.

As you get to know your clients and their businesses, you'll also want to offer them a full range of added-value services. CCH software is there to help. Help with data mining and reporting, so you can identify the clients you need to talk to. Help with promotion and marketing, so you can reach them. Help providing business advisory services, so you can build a robust and profitable income stream.

But nothing stays the same and as accounting and legislative obligations constantly change you need a partner who'll be with you every step of the way. Whether it's the move from GAAP to IFRS or the introduction of mandatory iXBRL filing, CCH software is constantly evolving to help you meet whatever challenges you face. So you can get on with your job of helping your clients.