CCH practice development software

There are three vital elements to every accounting practice.

Firstly there are your staff, their skills, their knowledge and their special abilities.

Secondly there are your clients, their individual needs, their businesses and enterprises and the services that they buy from you.

Finally there is the practice itself, viewed as a business with all that entails - the need to allocate resources, manage jobs, bill and recover fees, measure profit and plan for the future.

Because these elements must work together, CCH software has been designed to offer the widest coverage, with the tightest possible integration between each element. After all, there's no point being able to manage your staff if there's not enough work for them to do, or if you're not confident that your clients will pay their bills.

The CCH ProSystem Suite brings practice development functions together so you can take a holistic view of your business. Whether it's uncovering the hidden gems in your client data, allocating the right staff to the right job or earning extra revenue from added-value services, you can count on CCH software to deliver.